Wednesday 13 October 2010


Dear Burkhard

It is very painful and hard for me to believe that the tragic car accident took your life just outside the fishing camp of Hav and Fjell in Langsund outside Tromsø.

I first met you about five years ago when you came to Finnkroken as an angler. You made an agreement with my friend Per at Finnkroken Feriehytter to work for him as an assistant and fishingguide at the camp. First we met at the pier and started to talk about fishing, and then after a while we started to go out fishing together with my boat the M/V "BigFisher".

I know this area well from years of exploration around, and I was happy to introduce you to all the wonderful places outside the islands closer to the open sea.

After a while we became very good friends, and I believe that we both looked forward to the weekends and new fishing adventures and good friendship.

You were very skilled and one of the most enthusiastic anglers I have met, and together we have explored the best places for catching halibuts in the areas around Reinøy, Ringvassøy, Rebbenesøy and Vannøy. I learned a lot from you about angling, and I am very thankful for the time we had together.

We have made plans for the future to even greater adventures, and I will fulfill these plans - be sure- and you will take part in all of this as a part of me and my mind and heart.

We had a lot of success with halibut-hunting, and I will never forget your words
" Fishin' is the mission" that you always used to say many times during our trips.

I am very thankful for introducing me to so many of your friends, and time by time I have become good friends with many of them.

I know this summer season has been very special for you, and you had great success with your work as a fishing guide for Nordic Sea Angling at Hav og Fjell in Langsund.

This made some of your best dreams come true, and it is good for me to know that you was feeling good and died as a lucky man.

You loved your profession and your great enthusiasm was present all the time - both at work and in privat.

Our last trip together will be next week outside Finnkroken, and for you this will be the last and foreverlasting journey.

Together with your family from Germany and some good friends we will spread your ashes into the sea on the places you loved so much.

On our trips we had good time for talking - we made a lot of jokes but also more serious talks about themes like life and death.

In spreading your ashes to the sea at the place you loved so much, we will fulfill your own wishes.

You wanted to settle and live your future life here in North Norway, and so it will be.

I will never forget you dear Burkhard.

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  1. We met Burkhard were fishing at Per Petersen place twice - 2008 and 9. He was a great man ! We are really deeply touched with this painful information....

    Radek and 18 friends from Poland. Lodz