Wednesday 5 October 2016


Autumn is here ! Lyngøy outside Kvaløyvågen
I share some Pictures from the surroundings of Finnkroken . This year  the weather has been varied up here in the Halibut Kingdom with both nice and bad weather. Fishing has been good, and especially the September has been very good as far as halibutfishing is concerned.

Its not over yet - October is also a interesting but challenging month because of the weather conditions. And we are looking forward to welcome the Orcas and Humpback whales back for new adventures up here in the Arctic region of Tromsø.

My very reliable  assistant Anton in Finnkroken -he watches my cabin out there

Blue moon at Finnkroken


Lucky Johan Marjeta on the " Smallfisher "

Bright Night at Langsund

Veggeboen at night

Miljødronningen - environment caretakers

Mats and Emil - keen anglers

Mats, Emil and Dennis on BigFisher II

My good friend the eagle also need some food

Rainbow at Snarby

A lot of Fish

Rolf and big cod
Gunter , Severing and Jurgen

Marcus With Nice Halibut

Midsummer in Halibut kingdom

The Angler

The skipper



14 Nice halibuts from 10 to 40 kg on the BigFisher II during a weekend ! And 11 of them were released :-))

Gynter With a 40 kg halibut

Halibut fight

Nice halibut alongside the Big Fisher II

Morten With 167 cm / 65 kg  Halibut on the "Smallfisher"

This halibut was happy when he was released - thanks for the Nice Meeting !

Øyvind Høier - CEO of Tromsø deep sea Fishing Club

Lars Eskeland - keen Angler

Trond -keen angler from Bergen

Nice grouse in Finnkroken


Monday 13 June 2016


Nice trip for halibut with the "BigFisher " and "SmallFisher" together with some german anglerfriends recently.

The weather was nice, but cold. It is still a lot of snow in the mountains, and temperature is still around 6-7 degrees Celcius. And we are only 2 weeks left from midsummer🌞
Fishing is not good at this time. Maybe watertemperature is too cold and still a lot of fresh water is running down from the mountains into the fjords.

Indeed there is not much activity - not much sei, no big cod and not much seagulls at the moment.
The birds must be starving, and hopefully they manage to feed their small ones.

In spite of this poor situation we had a nice trip, and the Masterchef Ludwig landed a 27,5 kilo halibut after a nice drill.
After the trip Masterchef Ludwig made a barbecue with the best beef  I have tasted - a true gourmet !

Happy anglers  Masterchef  Ludwig Blochum and skipper Morten

Preparing for the trip. From left Ludwig Hermann and Johann

Skipper Morten, Ludvig and Harald Kaaserer 

Hard working anglers

The "SmallFisher with Johann Marjeta

Hermann Fehringer 

The seagulls are hungry now

Tuesday 12 April 2016

Arctic april adventures !!

In April and March 2016 it has been a variety of differnt weather conditions outside the North Norwegian coast. The coast and waters outside has been full of big codfish, but heavy winds has made it a challenge to go fishing. Fortunately we had some very nice days too, and together with good friends we have made some very nice trips outside and made great catches- codfish and halibuts.

Skipper Morten at " BigFisher" with a nice cod at Malangsgrunnen March 2016

Johann Marjeta With a Nice halibut at Malangsgrunnen March 2016
Trude and Halvard With a Nice Catch outside Finnkroken in april 2016
The new Lowrance Elite 7 TI echosounder - launched at the market in january 16 - worked very well with the new Totalscan transducer.On the Picture you see  big cod - called skrei - hunting for lodde - from 60 meter Down to 120 meter . The red dots show very dense concentrations of big fishes.

Nice day for fishing on the " BigFisher II " outside the coast

The Bird Island - Sørfugløya - is looking great. We could see 10 sea eagles circling above the island

Going home after a wonderful fishing day outside

The big codfish is a perfect raw material for making Boknafisk and tørrfisk ( stockfish) 

Wednesday 23 March 2016

BigFisher II - Fishin' is the Mission 🐣

The halibut eye

A Nice trip to Malangsgrunnen On the 22. Of March 2016 with anglerfriend Johann Marjeta. A nice, cold and sunny day outside the Norwegian coast hunting for the big cods called skrei.
We could have filled the boat with big skrei. Most of the fish was more than 10 kg . It was a perfect day for fishing - and this season has just started ! The first halibut onboard the BigFisher this year was landed by Johann on the first drop? But not the last - follow my blog and much more will follow during this season.
Johann  made this short videosequence from the trip - enjoy it !