Friday 13 December 2013

R.I.P. Professional Fishing Guide HENRIK BOLTEN


The Professional Fishing guide and Halibut Kayak Fishing world record holder Henrik Bolten from Lippstadt, Germany has left us.

A bad accident took your life  while  cutting a big tree in your garden in Lippstadt.

Henrik - you have been a very good friend, and together we have explored the waters around Tromsø, North Norway for big halibuts for some years.

Together with our fishing buddy - Professional Fishing guide  Burkhard Plichta from Bad Berleburg, Germany -  who died in a car accident 3 years ago outside Tromsø - and our good friend Guenter Storr -   we have made great expeditions and successful halibut fishing outside Tromsø in Halibut Kingdom.

Burkhard Plichta


Henrik - kayak Fishing open waters



Henrik With 175 cm Halibut - October 2013


Onboard my vessel M/V " BigFisher" we had so many memorable trips together - this I will never forget.

It's hard to face a future up here in the far North without your good companionship dear Henrik - on our last trip in october this Autumn - we spoke a lot about the future.

You had found your favorite place in the world - it was up here in Halibut Kingdom.
The Nice Places Sørreisa, Mefjordvær, Sommarøy, Kvaløyvågen, Hav og Fjell, Finnkroken - all these Places you loved and were welcomed as a close friend.

Up here you wanted to start your own business together with good friends as a Professional Fishing guide and buy your own vessel, and we wanted to cooperate also from our future  Halibutfishing camp in Kvaløyvågen outside Tromsø.

The last two years you have been a local guide for KINGFISHER, and you have been very successful with this. You was Professional and determined, and I know that your guests were very satisfied with your guiding.
This season you told med that you had landed  almost 90 halibuts during your trips - thats your strongest personal record.

Kayak Fishing for halibut was your special perfection- in this nobody in the world could beat you.

You could stay out on the kayak from early morning till late in the evening - even sleeping on the kayak while trolling you managed to do.

In 2011 you landed a 175 cm Halibut just outside Kvaløyvågen from your kayak - and this is still as far as I know the world record.

Your Fishing skills were outstanding, and I have learned a lot from you about equipment, tackles and

Its heartbraking to know that you have left these hunting Fields, but like we have done with Burkhard - both of you will follow us on every future trip onboard the M/V  " Big Fisher "

We will not forget you, dear Henrik !

World record Halibut Kvalsund 175 cm
Halibut 206 cm outside Kvaløyvågen
Good friends celebrating the 100 + halibut october 2012 With Burkhards 100 + Bad Berleburg Champagne
100 + Halibut
Landing a giant
Brass plate for the memory of Fishing guide Burkhard Plichta on a small Island  outside Finnkroken

Our eagle
Henrik and me With a small beauty
"Angler fur Angler " Guenter Storr and Henrik
Skipper Morten
Big Halibut action
What will we do ???

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